Private Piano Lesson Or School In Singapore? Which’s Better?

If you want to learn to play the piano in Singapore, should you take private piano lessons or go to a local music school to do so? What if you are already an adult and are looking for piano classes for Singapore adults instead? Let us discuss the pros and cons of each, and which choice you should make.

If you are a first time learner, and are an adult, here are some things you should consider.

  • Are you working 9-6pm? If you are working an office job or a regular timing job, then you can only take lessons during the weeknights or the weekends. Of course, both schools and private piano teachers do teach during these timings. However, will you feel very tired after your work? Most likely, your answer will be yes. In this case, I generally recommend that you take private piano lessons at your home in Singapore, because that is more convenient, and less travelling required for you as well. You just need to travel home after your work for your lessons, and need not travel anywhere else again. On the other hand, if you are for example an insurance or property agent with flexible hours, you can take lessons at other timings. In this case, both private piano lessons and school lessons will be equally good.
  • Are you the type that can be easily embarrassed? Although there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about learning the piano as an adult, some people in Singapore definitely feel that way. If that is the case, then getting a private piano teacher to your home is definitely a much better option. If you chose to go to a music school instead, you would be needing to travel to the local music school at a shopping mall in Singapore, where you may be seen entering the piano classroom along with many other kids perhaps 20 years younger than you.
  • Perhaps you are a successful businessman or businesswoman or investor who hit it big time and then are now retired and want to pick up a musical skill or two such as playing the piano? Then you may want to get a private piano teacher. You can customize the hours of learning and lessons much more easily with a private piano teacher, since you are so free anyway. This is not the case with schools as they are significantly more rigid relatively.

At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Chances are, you already know what your heart is telling you, and the above criteria I recommended you consider just helped you clarify your own thoughts.

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