How Much Does It Cost A Child To Learn Piano In Singapore?

If you are looking to send your child for piano lessons, one of the top concerns you will definitely have are the costs of piano lessons. Here is a quick and yet in-depth look at the various costs you may want to take note of when it comes to learning the piano.

There are essentially a few key areas in which you will need to be paying when it comes to getting your child a piano education.

First of all, it would be the purchase of the piano. If you want your child to actually master playing the music instrument, then buying a first hand or second hand piano is necessary. Practice is key to success when it comes to playing the piano, and having his or her own piano at home to practise on daily is the best way for your child to improve his or her skills. Most second hand upright pianos cost between $3000 to $6000, while most first hand upright pianos cost between $6000 to $15000. Purchasing an upright piano instead of a grand one is usually more than enough for most students in Singapore. If you want to save money, then buy a good second hand piano will do for your child.

Second of all, it would be the teacher costs. If you want your child to learn the musical instrument, it is necessary for him or her to have a teacher. Getting a private piano teacher is definitely much cheaper than that of going to the local music schools at local shopping malls. Starting from ABRSM grade 1, lessons cost around $140 for 4 lessons per month. It then creeps up till around $320 for ABRSM grade 8 (albeit lessons are slightly longer at 1 hour each instead of the 45 minutes at the Grade 1 to 4 levels). This is a mandatory cost that cannot be avoided, I only recommend that you get a good piano teacher from an agency so that your child’s learning habits will be right from the beginning!

Third of all, registering for each ABRSM graded examinations cost money. This money cannot be avoided, as it is charged by ABRSM board itself. As long as your child wants to go through the graded systems (which is highly recommended), then you will need to be paying to register your child each time for both theory and practical examinations. Most people take theory till grade 5, so that they can qualify for practical examinations up till grade 8. They then take the practical exams until they are certified with ABRSM piano grade 8 proficiency level. The registration fees for this vary as ABRSM (international board) sets the prices, so I shall not type out the costs here as it may be outdated by the time you read it.