3 Ways To Find A Private Piano Teacher In Singapore

Here are three simple and effective ways in which you can easily look for a private home piano teacher in Singapore to teach either you or your child if either one of you are looking to learn to play the piano.

First of all, you could look for agencies such as SG LEARN PIANO to help you look for the perfect piano teacher in Singapore. The good thing about using an agency is that they need not feel biased towards any teacher, and can give you an unbiased recommendation as they have access to multiple teachers. However, if you were to approach individual teachers, there is no way they will recommend you another teacher simply because there is no incentive. Even if they are lousy, they will still tell you they are good. However, when it comes to a piano teacher-student match up agency like SG LEARN PIANO, they can recommend you a better teacher over a lousier one with no incentives whatsoever otherwise. Additionally, almost all agencies in Singapore do not charge customers anything for their services. Their services are always free for piano students, and they only charge the teachers a fee for referring them to you.

The second way in which you can look for a private piano tutor in Singapore is to look for a friend who has learnt piano before, or has a kid who is currently learning the piano. Simply ask for a referral. However, just note that you should only ask for referral if you feel that your friend or your friend’s kid is good at the piano. Otherwise, they may refer you a lousy teacher!

The third way in which you can look for a private piano teacher in Singapore is to look at classified ads – or in 2018, you probably need to look at ‘Mummy’ forums online or in Facebook groups. There are usually a lot of kiasu mums there who are eagerly searching and recommending each other tuition teachers, and piano teachers in Singapore. That’s a good spot to find a piano tutor as well if you’re more tech savvy.

For the simplest method, in Singapore, I strongly recommend that you pick agencies, simply because they do not charge customers anything, and have access to many more teachers than any of your friends can possibly know. Their service is free, and good, why not use them?

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