How To Be An Even Better Piano Teacher & Get More Students!

As a private piano teacher in Singapore, it is imperative that you continue to get a steady flow of income by getting even more students than you can handle. Here are some tips to help you become an even better private piano teacher in Singapore so that you can increase your earnings. (If you want to apply for a private piano teacher job in Singapore instead, then look for

Number one, you must have a passion for teaching. There are many pianists in Singapore who are fantastic at playing the piano, but are not so great or passionate when it comes to teaching others to play the piano. To become a great private piano teacher in Singapore, it is even more important for you to be a great teacher, than it is for you to be a great pianist. You should also be passionate about wanting to spread the love of piano playing to your students. A normal teacher just teaches. A great teacher will ignite passion in the student for learning the piano and constantly think of new ways to improve the lesson and keep the student highly interested and motivated.

Secondly, being an even better piano teacher means that you must also be a responsible adult and person. A common complaint against mediocre teachers is that they often change the lesson timings or cancel music lessons at the last minute. Sometimes, the teacher may also disappear without warning and not respond to the student’s enquiries or the parent’s enquiries. Those are signs of a mediocre teacher who will never survive in this industry.

Thirdly, a great teacher has to know how to communicate complicated principles into simple words and let any layman understand it. This is the pinnacle of teaching, and if you as a music teacher can achieve this, you will get a lot of students. Some technical terms, maneuvers e.t.c. are very complicated and tough. However, if you manage to master teaching this to younger students in particular, then you will definitely be a great teacher.

Finally, if you want to be perceived as a great piano teacher in Singapore and get a lot of music students and referrals so that you can be secured in your salary, then you need to also be firm but never strict with the students. To give you a great example of what is a good way to be firm but not strict, you should enforce lesson rules or standards which will keep the student focused on the lesson, but not kill their joy of learning. Put all the emphasis when it comes to ‘rules and standards’ on ‘piano lesson focus’, instead of being like a discipline master. As long as your students are focused during the lessons on what you have to teach, you will have very happy students, very happy parents and ever increasing referrals of students to you each and every single month!

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