How To Practice Piano: Tips For Beginners In Singapore

Practise classical pieces first

If you are a beginner learning to playing the piano, you may want to start practising classical pieces. Classical piano pieces are great for practice purposes, especially if you are just starting out and want to master the various nuances of playing skills.

If you do not have much free time, then practise a piano piece you love daily instead of drills

A second tip I have for beginners is that if you do not have much available time for practice daily, then you should practice a musical piece that you actually like instead of spending time on scales or ‘drills’. Such a musical piece should ideally be able to be mastered within weeks (not within a week as that would mean it is too easy, and months would mean it is too difficult).

If you have the time, then always start with warm up drills before practising classical pieces daily

If you have 30 minutes to practise playing the piano daily, then you want to dedicate 5 minutes to warm up drills, and then the remaining 25 minutes on an actual musical (classical songs are recommended) piece.

You can and should check out the following video I have for you on more piano tips for beginners.

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